Since 1960, Tre Mari Bakery has been a proud member of the Corso Italia community on St. Clair West. We believe that the family and friends are most important in life, and we’re proud that our bakery continues to be a place where people love to gather.

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1311 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, ON, M6E 1C2

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Our History

Since 1960, Tre Mari Bakery has been an institution in its neighbourhood and has a legacy of playing an important role in Toronto’s Italian immigrant story. The family business is now being taken over by its third generation. Customers draw stronger connections to brands and businesses with a story, and the bakery has a long established history.

Tre Mari Bakery has grown a large and loyal customer base over the decades. From the families of Italian immigrants who arrived in Toronto when the bakery opened in 1960, to the working class families, to the new influx of young professionals with families in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Tre Mari Bakery serves an extremely diverse customer base – all feel welcome.

The experience of shopping at a family-run business with a strong history, and the quality selection of homemade foods keeps customers returning while the personal interactions that they have at the bakery keep them loyal.